Hypnotic Food Challenge

Courtesy: Pixabay

By Ivy Eastery, Special to the Current

South Padre Island needs more recognition. I am referring to when you tell people you’re from South Padre Island, and someone never having been south of San Antonio, for reasons beyond me, will ask if that is near Corpus or Galveston.

I love all the plans the city and the county has for our Island.

However, might I include some ideas to the local businesses that just might get us much more attention? I am talking about breaking a few world records. Anyone game? Many more to come.



If anyone makes a cannoli, it is for sure the Meatball Café. I love them so much I must limit myself.

Their menu is great and full of choices for the pasta lover: homemade pasta, pizza, pannini and more.

However, I would love to beat the record of eight cannoli’s in 30 seconds.

Achieved by Jesse Freeman (Australia) on set of Studio 10 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on May 25, 2018. Jesse faced off against fellow competitive eater Isaac Harding Davis live on set of Studio 10, a morning show on Network 10 in Australia.

I can do this. I may have to wash them down with Meatball’s Famous Chocolate Martini. Yeah, bring it on.


I would like to help beat the world’s record for the largest scotch egg. In 2020, as listed in the Guiness World Book of Records, it weighed in at 21lbs and 18 inches across and included one ostrich egg, 7 pounds of sausage meat, a gallon of milk and five loaves of bread.

Could this be classified as a substantial meal?


Ah yes, a large variety of egg rolls.

The world’s biggest chicken egg roll was 26 inches long and was made in April 2021. Loaded with chicken chunks, sauces, veggies, spices and onions sounds OK.

But we can do better. I say load that baby up with seafood. One of Kohnami’s egg rolls that I really like among the many other choices is the Samurai Fiesta Roll.

It’s a baked roll with shrimp tempura, cream cheese and avocado topped with salmon and crabmeat served with three different sauces. Let’s make this the largest seafood egg roll. Any volunteers to help devour this delicious world record egg roll? Let’s go!

TOM & JERRY’S: Chicken Fingers

The Guinness World Records folks have made it official and announced that 28-year-old Nela Zisser, the former New Zealand beauty queen and medical student, is now the world’s new record holder for eating chicken nuggets.

In just 60 seconds, she managed to gulp down a record 10.5 ounces of chicken nuggets. The record is measured by weight but for those counting, she had 16 nuggets.

Eazy peazy with this one. Tom & Jerry’s has many tempting items on their menu. One includes their chicken fingers. I, and many others agree, say these are tasty! Any volunteers for this one? I am in and would take this challenge. 3..2..1.. GO!


They now have a classic banana split!

Scoop of chocolate, vanilla, & strawberry. Topped with nuts, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and cherries.

Here we go: Dimitri Panciera of Italy set the world record in 2016 for the single largest scoop of ice cream at 6 feet 4 inches tall and 1 foot 10 inches wide on May 28, 2019.

In Pennsylvania, the longest banana split set a world record at just under 5 miles long.

No one has set the record for the tallest banana split. I will admit when I get a banana split, I will pile on the ice cream, load it with bananas and as much nuts and sauce as the small bowl will hold.

I bet if it was only a foot high we would create another world record.

No need to set an eating record for this, and who wants “brain freeze” anyway. I can only imagine sitting with friends, and small shovels enjoying this as we watch the fireworks! Count me in.

Next week I will explore some different challenges.

Anyone game for a 24-hour karaoke marathon at The Coral Reef?

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