Things should be interesting with these fun guys

Discover the world of mushrooms and all their health benefits Thursday, Nov, 4 at Quinta Mazatlan in McAllen. Courtesy photo

These guys know have to have fun with fungi.

Quinta Mazatlán World Birding Center is honored to host Mycological Solutions LLC (One Up Mushroom Products) on Thursday, Nov. 4.

The group will be presenting from 6 to 7 p.m. on “Fungi: History, Usage, and Health Benefits” as part of  the Thursday Night Live series at Quinta Mazatlán in McAllen.

Mycological Solutions LLC (One Up Mushroom Products) is a startup company in the Rio Grande Valley. The firm is dedicated to the wonderful world of mushrooms.

One Up cultivates and distributes gourmet mushrooms to local restaurants. They also manufacture mushroom derived foods and supplement products.

The One Up team includes childhood friends Ramiro, Jose, and Andres.

Originally founded as The Mushroom Source in 2018, the trio has grown a passion for mushrooms and the potential applications and benefits they have to offer.

The Thursday night program will focus on the fungi kingdom and their role within the environment and health benefits for humans. The mushroom products will be available for sale at Quinta Mazatlán following the program.

Fungi are one of the earliest living organisms to grow on Earth, but have been misunderstood for most of their existence. Up until the 1960’s fungi were classified as plants, today they are rightfully grouped in their own kingdom and have a dedicated study in the branch of natural sciences called mycology. Research in mycology has shown fungi’s imperative role to the overall balance of a healthy ecosystem. Their ability to recycle nutrients back to an ecosystem is a major driving force responsible for the ecological succession of biological communities. Thanks to fungi, we have more biodiversity, and more biodiversity means healthy functional ecosystems that support wildlife and humanity.

Much like the mushrooms they cultivate, growing and enriching the environment around them, the One Up team has created a communal network in the Rio Grande Valley by providing fresh high quality mushrooms, donating substrate to the Agroecology Department at UTRGV, sharing education and awareness of fungi, and supporting an overall healthy and sustainable way of life.

“Our mission as a business is to spread awareness of the benefits that mushrooms have on human health and the environment, and to provide nutritional and therapeutic solutions for those seeking a healthier lifestyle. Mycology in general has enormous potential to help our communities with many of the problems we face today, and so we seek to develop and empower ourselves through the study of mycology.” -One Up Mushroom Products

Tickets are $3 per person. Pre-purchased tickets are recommended at .

Follow current COVID-19 safety guidelines while in park.

For more information, contact Quinta Mazatlán at (956) 681-3370.