Moving Day: Lie Down. Try No to Cry. Cry A Lot.

Courtesy photo

By Ivy Eastery, Special to the Current

After a good turn of almost five years, it is time for Donnie and I to move. Our landlords were awesome. Donnie and I knew when we first rented the place, they were eventually going to sell their catering business in Edinburg and retire here to the Island. I can’t blame them. We loved living near the entertainment district and having everything within walking distance. You could hear the music at night and watch the fireworks with a front row seat. Bayside was and still is a great area to live. Sunsets are awesome.

It has been difficult looking for a place. Times have changed, and there are not too many long-term rentals. Special thanks go to Belinda Castro for her help. Belinda is that “Go-To-Gal” rentals. Belinga found us a place. It’s beautiful, the price is great and I am excited. We will be moving a little further north, but we are not going to be able to see sunsets unless we walk to the end of the street. Fireworks won’t be that visible. That’s okay too.

I like the new place. I also am a bit excited for numerous reasons: the layout, the two patios. I get the west patio, and Donnie can do his bbq on the west patio. I also like that I am only a hop, skip and a jump from Bloody Marys on Sunday at the Coral Reef. We can have lunch at Kelly’s. We are going to enjoy the local menu at Bar Louie’s. Yup, I am going to enjoy the area. Any area on the Island one can always enjoy.

I have packed for moving. I pretty much can say I am organized:

1. Start a month early,

2. Make a ton of lists: movers, more boxes, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc.

3. Worry about what I forgot.

4. Fit it all in.

5. Stage things.

6. Remember all random items.


1. Five minutes before movers arrive. Done.

Just for you, here are a few moving tips I would like to share.

If it has been a long time since your last move, enjoy the flashbacks.

If you are planning to move, good luck.

Dolly good. Hernia bad.

It is OK to curse at heavy furniture.

Do not pack dog and cat in same box.

Make lots of friends before you move.

Don’t ask what’s in the box unless you are sure you want to know.

Tired of packing? Convince yourself you don’t like the rest of the stuff.

Now is not the time to practice jump shots.

Wear plenty of deodorant on moving day.

Never be the person walking backwards.

Do not kick the truck if you misplace the keys.

Pick a box. Whatever you are looking for is not there.

Pack anything that doesn’t talk or poop.

Never attempt wheelies with a dolly.

Be sure to seal all boxes properly with duct tape. Scotch tape is not a good idea.

It’s OK to consider buying new furniture to avoid heavy lifting.

Hire professional movers. You will have flashbacks from the last “Beer and Buddy” move.

Make packing a drinking game. Wine boxes are reusable for packing.

Best part of moving?

When you are finally done packing and the movers come, the sock mystery will finally be solved.