After a brief pause caused by the pandemic last year, one of South Padre Island’s cherished annual fundraisers is back for another weekend of festivities.  

For nearly the past two decades, South Padre Island Walk for Women, a nonprofit organization, has been raising money to help Rio Grande Valley women battling breast cancer with financial prosthetic and diagnostic support.

This October, many will be participating in the nonprofit’s 17th annual Walk for Women fundraising weekend, which will include a silent dance party and a walk in honor of those affected by breast cancer.

SPI Walk for Women Committee Member Rees Langston said it’s amazing to see the event enter its 17th year.

“We’ve done so much good for so many people over the years,” she said. “We were able to give money last year because we still had funding, but it’s nice to be able to hold an event this year that will help benefit more women in the future.”

The fundraiser kicks off on Friday, Oct. 8, with the silent dance party that will be held from 7 to 11 p.m at Louie’s Backyard, located on the Island at 2305 Laguna Blvd.

At Friday’s event, visitors will be dancing to music played on wireless headphones.

Rather than using a speaker system, the music will be broadcast via a radio transmitter and the signal will be picked up by wireless headphone receivers worn by participants. There will be three channels of music to choose from.

“Find someone with the same color headphones as yours and dance with them,” SPI Walk for Women volunteers said. “Envision a room full of people, dancing like maniacs, but there is no sound in the room.”

In addition to the dance party, there will be a bucket auction. For $5 per ticket, visitors can put their ticket in any of the 25 to 30 buckets for the item or items on display next the bucket.

Visitors can also buy the “arms width” string of tickets. By holding their arms out to the side as wide as they can, they’ll get a string of tickets as long as their arms for only $50.

There will also be a live auction of four to five items, including the original T-shirt artwork created by artist Lilli Krier.

Admission to the Silent Dance Party is $20 per person and includes free hors d’oeuvres. Headphone rental for the silent dance is $10.

The nonprofit’s walk will be held on Sunday, Oct. 10.

Registration will take place from 8:30 to 10 a.m. at the South Padre Island Convention Centre, located at 7355 Padre Blvd.

The 3-mile walk will start promptly at 10 a.m.

Courtesy: Rod Hunter

To avoid large gatherings inside buildings, the walk route has changed from previous years. The walk route will be a round trip starting and ending at the SPI Convention Centre.

Participants will go south on Padre Blvd. to the Post Office on Mars Street. The route will then turn west to Laguna Blvd. From there, walkers will go north on Laguna to Georgia Ruth. On Georgia Ruth, the route will go east back to Padre Blvd. and then north back to the SPI Convention Centre.

According to Langston, SPI Walk for Women has fundraised more than $400,000 for those in the Valley who are impacted by breast cancer.

“That’s something very gratifying to us,” Langston said.

For those wanting a 2021 Walk for Women’s T-shirt or other merchandise, they can be purchased at the Whiskers and Things resale shop, located on the Island at 2013 Padre Blvd.

SPI Walk for Women is accepting donations.

“2020 was a difficult year for all of us,” SPI Walk for Women volunteers said. “We extend our special thanks to everyone who donated to us in 2020 to allow us to continue our mission to help women in the Rio Grande Valley fighting breast cancer.”

To make a donation, visit