An exceptional beer

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Hallelujah! Yuengling beer is finally in Texas! About time. We are the latest in the brewery’s slow roll out from the East Coast westward. And the reason is simple, with its original brewery in Pennsylvania and a newer one in Tampa, Florida, they simply cannot produce enough beer to expand – a decision dictated by the care and attention they use in making their beer that would be lost in mass production.

So what makes this beer so good? I can’t answer that in any objective way, I can only say it is really good. And ask anyone who is a lager drinker who has tried Yuengling and they will almost certainly agree.

Back in the 1800’s, David G. Yuengling immigrated to Pottsville, Pennsylvania from Wuerttemberg, Germany. In 1829, he opened his brewery, then called the Eagle Brewery. He changed it in 1873 to D. G. Yuengling and son when his son joined the company. The Yuenglings successfully brewed and sold beer in and around Pennsylvania until the dreaded Prohibition was enacted. They were forced to diversify into producing near beer and opened a dairy to survive.

After Prohibition, the Yuengling Brewery went right back to what it did best – make exceptional beer. And with continued success, in 1976, they were nationally recognized as America’s Oldest Brewery.

It wasn’t until 1987 that Dick Yuengling reintroduced their traditional Amber Lager that is now their flagship beer. (They also offer several year-round and seasonal styles.)

By 1996, demand far exceeded capacity and Yuengling withdrew from markets outside their local area – spurring on their reputation.

In 2012, and despite their relatively small market, they became the largest U.S.-owned brewery.

Yuengling is now in the process of continued growth and is slowly (ever so slowly) entering new markets. Texas is the latest and it will probably be a long while before they go to another state due to our size. If you have never tried it, look for Yuengling at your favorite bar or beer retailer and give it a try.