Big Winner: Port Isabel resident buys $1M ticket

Courtesy photo

Someone in Port Isabel turned $20 into $1 million.

According to officials with the Texas Lottery, a Port Isabel resident bought a scratch-off ticket and revealed the top prize for 200X The Cash, a scratch ticket game that earned the resident $1 million.

The ticket was purchased at Laguna Market Food Mart, at the 900 block of State Highway 100 in Laguna Heights.

Who was the fortunate person? Lottery officials said the winner “elected to remain anonymous.”

The lotto scratch-off ticket game has more top prizes available. The Port Isabel resident won the second of four possible million-dollar prizes. Lottery officials say the $20-per-ticket game was launched with more than $130.2 million in total prizes, including break-even prizes.

The overall odds of winning–including break-even prizes–is on in 3.54 tickets, officials said.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the remaining prizes available in the 200X The Cash game:

>> $1 million: 4 available; 2 claimed.

>> $100,000: 5 available; 4 claimed.

>> $10,000: 103 available; 73 claimed.

>> $2,000: 516 available; 373 claimed.

>> $500: 9,202 available; 6,818 claimed.

>> $200: 81,017 available; 60,324 claimed.

>> For details on the lesser prize values, log on to