Can’t go wrong with Avion

I was at a get-together event a couple weeks ago when the discussion of tequila came up–and specifically, how one was featured on the hit HBO show “Entourage.” The tequila in question was Avion. Admittedly, it had been a long time since I’ve sipped on this particular brand, so it was time to revisit it.

Like most tequila brands, Avion comes in Silver, Reposado, and Añejo. Avion also boasts a super-premium, aged Avion 44. I found myself with a bottle of the Añejo and took it for a test drive–that is, neat in a brandy snifter. And while not the best tequila I have ever tried, it certainly was very pleasurable, and well worth the price point.

In retrospect, I should have grabbed the silver, which actually won the title “World’s Best Tequila” back at the 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. In all, Avion won five awards at that event and has gone on to win many more to date.

So what makes Avion different from other tequilas? Well, I’ll tell ya’. First, it uses single origin blue agave from some of the highest elevations of Jalisco, Mexico. Single origin means all their agave comes from one place, unlike some tequilas that source their agave from different farms, growers and areas. Next, they roast their agave in brick ovens for three days at low temperatures. This maintains the natural flavors of the agave. Then they small batch distill using handmade pot stills. And finally, they use a distillation process that is proprietary and takes 10 times longer than most others.

If you are a tequila drinker, you won’t go wrong with a bottle of Avion. It won’t be long before I finish my bottle of the Añejo, and I look forward to trying the silver and 44.