Chef B’s World Famous Bloody Mary Cocktail

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This week’s offering may surprise you, but what fun is life without a little unpredictability, right?

I’ve just returned from a trip to Washington D.C. where I was blessed to spend time with my bff and college roommate Jennifer.

One of our favorite things to do together is Sunday brunch, which we thoroughly enjoyed this past weekend along the Potomac River in Georgetown. We even saw Marine One passing by overhead. Very cool.

As you might imagine, we imbibed with a “brunch cocktail” – the Bloody Mary which brings to mind my personal recipe that I would like to share with you on this special occasion.

Now I know you likely have your favorite way of making a Bloody Mary or perhaps your go to mix and I respect that. But if you don’t, or even if you do, you might try this one just for fun. Just remember to always drink responsibly my friends!

Bon Appétit! Chef Bettina

Chef B’s World Famous Bloody Mary Cocktail

Lots of Ice
2 ounces quality Vodka (such as Titos)
Worcestershire sauce (such as Lea & Perrins)
Garlic powder
Fresh lime juice
Kosher salt
Bay Seafood seasoning (such as Old Bay)
Classic Mr. & Mrs. T Bloody Mary Mix (it’s what I like)
Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives

Fill a short, fat glass with lots of ice. Pour in Vodka, 4-5 dashes Worcestershire, 3-4 shakes of garlic powder, drops of Tabasco to the person’s taste, the juice of a quarter lime, a pinch of kosher salt and a 1/2 tsp of bay seafood seasoning. Add Bloody Mary mix over the top. Skewer 3 olives and place on the drink. Sprinkle more kosher or coarse salt over the olives and the drink. Serve with joy and love! And remember to imbibe responsibly!

*Bettina Tolin is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Austin. She has cooked in the kitchens of the Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island, Florida. She is currently the Executive Chef and owner of Marcello’s overlooking the historic lighthouse in Port Isabel. Marcello’s Ocean Grille & Spirits was recently written up in Texas Monthly magazine as the new trending restaurant for dinner and brunch in the South Padre Island area.