The Island’s Only Dive Bar Is Back!

Courtesy: Pixabay

Dear Coral Reef, I am so glad you are back open. It has been a long, dry and thirsty 6+-plus months without you since the shutdown. I really did miss you. We all did.

I was having horrible karaoke withdrawals. It had gotten so bad, I actually started singing out loudly in the Blue Marlin to their speaker music. Also what was worse, I found myself actually sitting at my computer looking for new songs till 4am and falling asleep in my chair — waking up in the morning thinking “What day is it today?”

Welcome back, and I cannot wait to belt out some Lady Gaga again.

I love the guest bartender idea. What a great way to get a local who has or has not bartended before. Plus collecting tips for a local charity? Genius.

It was nice to see Danica Rae Bird: Local Island singer and entertainer.

Raul Arevalo: 7 Sparrows Tattoo and tattoo artist.

Megalicious Clifton: The Crab Lady.

Caroline Nicole Belue: The Social Chemist from Tom & Jerry’s.

Brandy Buntin: Lobo Del Mar (Every Wednesday night it was — and still is — Fam Jam.) This family of talented musicians never put a tip jar up when they performed. However, to help fellow business owners, Lobo Del Mar sat up a big, beautiful donation jug out for the businesses that were in shutdown. That is what our community is about.

With such a great beginning as that, I would like to make a few suggestions:

Idalia Garcia: Sisters Interiors

This lady has the personality and a smile that can win anyone’s heart over to donate a couple extra bucks for a good cause. Might I add she pours a mean margarita on the rocks.

Belinda Castro: Now here is a sassy little lady who could give a couple folks a run for their money! She can sing too. GO PACKERS!

J. Micheal Lafferty: Local singer, songwriter, storyteller and entertainer. Why I really would like see him behind the bar is I have seen his liquor shots. It might save you money.

Kenny Stalker: the Jet Ski guy from Coconut’s. Kenny has been with Coconuts for over 20 years. Kenny has a personality and a quick wit with a sarcastic comeback for any question or answer. The ladies love him.

Mark Atwood: Local musician and songwriter. Now with the elections over, I am sure Mark can stir up some good politics with anyone at the bar. That’s OK too. Because we all will be listening to karaoke. (Sorry. Not sorry.)

Isabelle Ochoa: 2 Tipsy Girls. This little 5’ 3” spitfire is just that. She has been on both sides of the bar. She can also play security if needed. I have witnessed this in action.

Rodney Rogers: That crazy guy. I swear this guy could pass for Scott’s (morning bartender) twin brother. Same character, personality and looks. Laura his fiancé will be on hand to make sure he does not do anything crazy…like back flips off the bar. I do not know which is worse—two Scotts or two Rodneys. I do know this: the world would never be the aame.

Joy Rae Hartung: On-site manager at Las Brisas Condominiums. I cannot imagine her behind the bar. Let’s see if Joy can flip some bottles. She has an infectious smile.

Todd Humphreys: “Tragically flawed. Not perfect. Always a gentleman.” This is his statement on his social media profile. Todd has a sense of humour and wit compare to none. Best way to explain it is if you didn’t understand it the first time… no sense in attempting to explain it the second time. Them that knows… knows.

Tikki Tommy: Only if he brings his drone. Tikki Tommy not only offers us early morning weather and surf reports via social media, he also has beautiful drone pics and videos of South Padre Island. It would be great to see a drone belly up to the bar and deliver a drink it two to your table while hovering and getting footage of karaoke singers on stage. I could go for that.

There you have just a few of my suggestions. I could name hundreds of more but will save that for a bit further down the road. In the meantime, welcome back Coral Reef. Coral Reefer Staff, we all have deeply missed you.

Love always,

Ivy Easterly

P.S. Where is my invite?