Island of Festivals – Part 1

The future of Winter Texan shows and festivals in the Rio Grande Valley is uncertain as the region continues to fight off a COVID-19 surge. (Henry Miller |

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is known as the “City of Festivals.”

Every month, no matter what the season brings, there is a festival:  Summer Fest, Brady Fest, October Fest and so on.

Why can’t we become the Island of Festivals?

Grant it, we have a few, but why not more?

I am even open for a “Golf Cart Parade” at this point. I cannot believe I said that.

What kind of festivals can be unique and different compared to any in the Rio Grande Valley? Pretty simple. Here are just a few suggestions.


JANUARY: National Polka Music Month


“The roots of today’s popular music from Mexico come from German and Czech peoples and has moved back to the north in the form of Tejano (a mariachi style with European accordion) and other blended Mexican music,” according to Norfolk Daily News. Imagine on the Island having polka music, a polka dance contest, parade and more. I personally would like to see Leslie Blasing belt out a couple of those great polka songs from Frankie Yankovic.

FEBRUARY: National Barley Month

Barley is an ingredient of beer.


What a great festival to have in February! Who has the best home brewed beer on the Island? No one else but the South Padre Island Brewing Company.

I can see it now. Sampling a wide range of beers, speak firsthand to brew masters, and learn about the art of home brewing. We could enjoy live music and food fit for the beer drinker from local restaurants. No doubt, I would love to hear local musicians render their own beer songs. If I am not mistaken, I think Gene Sibley, one of our many talented local musicians, speaks a little German. I would love to hear him belt out the Beer Barrel Polka song. Yup, I’m in!


Let’s see., if all goes well next year we have Spring Break, St Patrick’s Day, Texas Independence day, Good Friday, Easter, and a few others, therefore I declare take a break month.

MAY: National Barbeque Month


Now we’re talking. I am talking some real down home BBQ mixin’s and fixin’s.

We could enjoy live music, BBQ recipe competition, and a Hog Run (Bring back the bike fest here).

Louie’s Backyard does some killer ribs, it would be awesome to have a little competition to see other restaurants earn bragging rights to the best ribs on the Island. I can visualize Montana’s The Kraken giving them a run for their money. Margarita’s would get my vote on BBQ oysters. MMM. Barbeque. I smell the aroma now.

To be continued.