Sandy sights: SPI Holiday Sandcastle Village in the works

Courtesy photos/Sandcastle Island, Inc.

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — Visitors and residents of this coastal city will be able to enjoy the marvels of a variety of artistic creations made from sand that capture the holiday spirit.

For the third consecutive year, Sandy Feet Sandcastle Services, along with the City of South Padre Island will create a Holiday Sandcastle Village.

The sandcastle village is located in the Entertainment District on West Marlin St. near Louie’s Backyard and Gravity Park’s ferris wheel.

Close to eight sculptors have been working on the sandcastle village since early October.

“I think people are interested in seeing the sculptors at work,” Holiday Sandcastle Village Founder Lucinda “Sandy Feet” Wierenga said. “It’s under a tent now so it’s not so hot and we got some protection from the weather.”

Wierenga said the sculptors are making good progress.

“We hope to be able to let people walk through it again later this week,” she said on Monday. “There’ll be people working on the sculptures probably into December because we have a lot of sand here.”

Currently, the village has sculptures of Santa Claus, a castle, three angels, elves on holiday, a Night Before Christmas scene and Father Time handing a mask to a baby New Year.

“It’s very well done and we’re getting some of our supporters’ logos up now, and we’ll have a graffiti wall where we can put peoples’ Christmas wishes and greetings up in a place where people can see them,” Wierenga said. “So it’s exciting, I think.”

Last year, the themed Christmas and New Year Holiday Sandcastle Village was open to the public from late Nov. through early Jan. and had more than 35,000 visitors.

Wierenga said she is very proud of the sandcastle village and the help it has received.

“Louie’s Backyard owns the property and they’ve paid for the tent. It’s a great partnership between the city, Louie’s and my own company Sandy Feet Sandcastle Services,” she said. “It’s teamwork that brings something beautiful to the Island.”

According to Wierenga, the sculptures will be standing now through March 1.

“We’ll keep them a little bit later so the Winter Texans enjoy them as well,” she said. “We’re really excited about the quality of sculpting. It seems like every year it gets better.”

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