Oskar Blues cracks into sparkling water mix

Plenty of breweries have entered the sparkling seltzer market in 2020.

Now, Oskar Blues Brewery is mixing things up with their newest spectrum of sparkling flavors.

The Longmont, Colo. brewery recently launched its Cocktail Inspired Wild Basin Boozy Sparkling Water Mix Pack. The variety 12-pack features four flavors that and hit already shelves nationwide.

“Cocktail hour now starts with the satisfying crack of a 12 oz. can,” the company said in announcing the product launch. “The new mix pack of hard seltzer delivers the flavors of your favorite cocktails in a portable, recyclable and shareable format.”

Wild Basin Cocktail Inspired Mix Pack introduces four all-new, refreshing flavors:

>> Fruity Sangria: Red wine meets notes of citrus and stonefruit in this wild take on your favorite patio sipper.

>> Mango Mai Tai: Classic Mai Tai flavor gets a juicy boost of tropical mango. No shaker required.

>> Habanero Piña Colada: Beachy flavors of pineapple and coconut mingle with a hint of habanero spice.

>> Bitter Citrus Spritz: A bright citrus spritz modeled after the simple and refreshing Italian aperitif cocktail.

At 100 calories, 1 gram carb and 5% ABV, it’s the same Wild Basin, but with a twist. Offerings now include the Original Wild Basin Mix Pack, Berry Mix Pack, Black Raspberry 6-pack, and new Cocktail Inspired Mix Pack.