If there’s a Will: There’s a Wave

Shrimp boats are seen near the jetties on South Padre Island as they journey to the Port of Brownsville Shrimp Basin to dock their boats due to Tropical Storm Hanna in the Gulf of Mexico Friday Morning. (Miguel Roberts/The Brownsville Herald)

Winter has arrived early for most—but not here on the Island.

A cool salty breeze, early sunrise walks, and then late sunsets with a bay breeze softly whispering in your ears, “This is our winter. Welcome back.”

It has been an exceptionally long summer and maybe, just maybe you really need a real break. It’s Island time, baby.

Wait a minute, do I note a hesitation? Really? In some way you just cannot convince yourself the perfect excuse or reason to pack it up and leave.

Have no fear, here are the best excuses and logical reasons for you to put your mind at ease. Take that trip. Beach. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. No excuses.

Enjoy the following as you ask yourself this: WHY DO I NEED A TRIP TO THE ISLAND?:

Because the in-laws are visiting, and I feel it best I give them time with their grandkids/wife/hubby.

Because my fridge needs new magnets. Pirate, dolphin, surfboard, turtles….

Because I heard the Island was going to replace a the lighting of the Christmas tree with a Ferris wheel. This is history in the making. I need to see this.

Because I need some shells in my pocket and sand in my new shoes.

Because I have notices lately; my skin looks incredibly pasty and people are looking at me strangely. I should go to a beach and get a tan.

Because Netflix has me finally convinced I will find my true love on an Island.

Because week’s horoscope said Island Time is not a good idea. I want to prove it wrong.

Because my skin looks incredibly pasty and I guess thats the reason everyone looks at me weird. Do you think I should go to a beach and get tanned?

Because I need to wear my swimsuit before I am unable to fit in it anymore.

Because there are no calories on the Island and my fridge light needs a break before it burns out.

Because I nee to take a walk with a turtle.

Because the Island sun is the best medicine.

Because I have recently noticed my dogs been whining a lot lately. I am sure they are depressed, and its time I take them to the Island for fresh air.

Because I bought a 128 GB memory card for my new phone and it has to be tested and used before the warranty expires.

Because I need to go to the Island for pizza. I just found out that D’Pizza Joint does not deliver to Rio Grande City.

Because I need a tattoo.

Because I need another tattoo to match the first one.

Because I want to meet Whiskey Willie.

Because I don’t want to bungee jump but I certainly want to try a zipline.

Because seafood seems to taste better on the Island.

Because I just want to miss home for a while.

Because my dog needs some salty air.

Because I want to see men in kilts playing Amazing Grace on bagpipes at sunset.

Because my couch is tired and needs a break.

Because I am bored breathing the same air.

Because I want to meet Big Padre and Lady Laguna.

Because my coffee just isn’t working for me these past few months. I need to go to Karma Kafe for the real deal.

Because my AC is broken.

Because I want to try a real mimosa.

Because sunsets are better with margaritas.

Because my apartment needs to have its “me time” too.

Because I want to meet Captain Murphy.

Because I am tired of a boring breakfast. I want the real bloody Mary breakfast they serve at Coral Reef.

Because fishing is always better bayside.

Because fishing is always better gulfside.

Because I cannot think of a new hobby to keep from being bored. I understand sandcastles lessons are easy, relaxing, and always better created on the beach.

Because I need to pick up the latest Coastal Current.

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