Find the best tequilas for giving

Grand Mayan
The Christmas shopping season has officially begun. For most of you anyway – I am a lasts  minute kinda guy.
And one of the kind of gifts my friends and loved ones naturally expect from me, is a great bottle of wine or spirit. And a great bottle of tequila might just be one of those gifted.
Vicki Denig put together a list of the best tequilas as determined by the editors of
Here are some of them with my notes, and I have added one myself at the end:
Best Overall: Herradura Añejo (this one is aged 25 month – considerably longer than
required by law).
Best Under $30: Milagro Añejo (perfect when on a budget)
Best Under $50: 1800 Añejo (I have not tried this one, and I am not usually a fan of 1800).
Best Extra Añejo (pictured): Grand Mayan Ultra Aged (aged for 5 years in hand-painted bottles. A great gift).
Best for Sipping: Patrón Añejo (while a great choice, I disagree. Don Julio Añejo is my benchmark for sipping)
Best Top-Shelf: Penta Añejo (I have not come across this selection, but you bet I will seek out).
Best Organic: 123 Tequila Añejo: (Again, I have not tried this one, but hear it holds up as a respectable selection).
Best for Cocktails: Hornitos Añejo (A solid selection, however, some cocktails call for a less wood-driven flavor. See last selection).
Best for Gifting: Don Julio 1942 (Another solid choice, but I prefer Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Extra Añejo)
Most Innovative: Enemigo 89 Añejo Cristalino (This one made the list because it is an añejo, yet clear. They actually filter out the color. Have not tried it yet however, so hopefully it is not just a gimmick).
Now my personal categories:
Best for Easy Sipping and Tequila Cocktails: Dulce Vida Blanco
Best High Proof Sipping: Dulce Vida Extra Añejo