I Shop: Therefore, I Am

Courtesy: Pixabay

When you live in a small town, or on the Island, you can come across some really cool stuff that locals are selling—mainly to clean out their garage or possibly a moving sale. This is just one of the many awesome factors here on the Island.

I love to shop local to support our local business. I love to shop online and love the local garage sales. It makes it easier and less stressful. I do not have to cross the causeway, fight traffic, road construction, waste gas, cuss at motorists who are busy paying attention to anything but their driving, nor deal with a crowded supermarket.

There is always someone here selling something they need to get rid of.

And that is how it began.

I was glancing through as usual with my morning cup of Joe in the late afternoon on South Padre Island Yard Sale on Facebook. As I scrolled down, what caught my eye was a bass guitar. Hardly used. The local had purchased a new one, and this one was something he described as “good for beginners.” It made me think.

Now mind you, I am not musically inclined. Donnie is the musician here in the family. He plays guitar. Acoustic, electric, etc. Donnie has always wanted me to join him, and maybe we could do some duet together. First off, I cannot sing a tune. I am pretty sure, I think I am Celine Dion just like everyone else who has a couple adult beverages at the Coral Reef and hits the karaoke stage.

It was a real good price. I left the seller a message with an offer, and within 45 minutes I was on my way to pick up a bass guitar. Learning to play lasted about a week. At least Donnie gets use out of it.

About 2 months later, I saw another ad. Again, here was a local who had a set of congo drums. What really enticed me was the history behind them. This local used to jam with other musicians on the beach over 30 years ago. When he mentioned “The Beach Bums”, that did it for me. This was Island history. These congas were over 30 years old. With a click of a button, I sent a message with an offer. Later that day, Donnie came home with drums in the middle of the living room. I watched Youtube, learning the techniques. I was thrilled. This lasted at least two months.

It happened again. This time a Winter Texan who used to jam Sundays at the VFW Post in Port Isabel had a full set of harmonicas with case included, and neck harmonica brace. This was a 12-piece set. Here I go thinking again. I certainly can multi-task. What if I get the harmonic set, and play bass guitar, or congas? On a date night with Donnie, I am sure after a couple glasses of wine, It would be fun!

Click. Send message. The next day the Wisconsin Winter Texan delivered the 7 pieces, harmonica set and all. That idea only lasted two date nights and three bottles of wine. Harmonica is not easy, but I had a blast putting on some old blues music.

Shortly thereafter I saw an electronic keyboard. Oh yes, and without a doubt, this is something that would be fun. LCD readout, 61 keys, microphone, stand chair and the perks. Yup, now this is for me. Click and send the message. Pick up. The keyboard lasted longer. And in between some other purchases, I found a lit up a tambourine, moroccas, cowbell, and even a metronome.

These instruments are not sitting in a corner collecting dust. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Donnie would have his beer buds come over, grill out, and jam. Although I was not musically inclined, I was happy to see my collection was being used.

That was then. Now with social distancing, I still do not allow people to visit. I rarely pick up one of my purchased treasures. It probably has been what 7-8 months?

And then again one morning as I was enjoying my coffee and the cool breeze coming in across my patio, I glanced through the ads and it happened.

I stared at the metallic blue finish. It shined and mesmerized like a blue diamond.

I could hear one beat, no two beats and the drum solo of “Wipeout” began to play in my head. Why not? I asked myself. This would make my music collection complete.

This time there was no Click. Send Message. I didn’t even look at the number. I knew what I had to do and where to go. In less than 12 minutes, I was on my way.

There were a couple cars in front of the place. Did someone see it before me? Is it still there?

I walked up the step to the Animal Rescue Retail Store. I walked to the counter, laid my card down, smiled, and said, “I am here to purchase the drum set.” (A six-piece drum set with chair and sticks.)

How I managed to get it in my jeep, I have no idea. But I did.

Donnie mentioned we have enough to start a band. I’m going to differ. I’m waiting for Island Native shop to have their sale on what else—ukeleles. Stay tuned.

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