Last Call: The Classics, Part 1

Whiskey Old Fashioned
I have to do quite a bit of research when I write these columns, looking up the history of everything from a particular beverage, company or recipe. I utilize books, magazines and of course, many industry websites. One of the websites that is full of information is
A recent post by Kathryn Maier, listed the top ten cocktail recipes people have searched for on the website. And I was surprised that they were not new trending recipes, rather some of the true classics.
Validating my observation that the classics are indeed coming back during our craft cocktail revolution.  Here are the recipes for the top three:
1. Bourbon Old Fashioned (pictured)
1/2 oz teaspoon sugar
3 dashes Angostura bitters
1 tsp water
2 oz bourbon (I like Makers Mark)
Orange peel
Into a rocks glass, add the sugar, bitters and water. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. Fill with large ice and pour in the bourbon. Gently stir again. Express the oil from the orange peel into the glass and drop in.
2. Negroni
1 oz gin (I like Bombay Sapphire)
1 oz Campari
1 oz sweet vermouth
Add all ingredients into a shaker with ice and stir until cold. Strain into a rocks glass filled with large ice. Garnish with an orange peel.
3. Manhattan
2 oz bourbon or rye
1 oz. sweet vermouth
2 dashes Angostura bitters
1 dash orange bitters
Add all ingredients into a shaker and stir until cold. Strain into a chilled coupe glass (you can use a martini glass if you don’t have a coupe). Garnish with a brandied cherry (or maraschino as a substitute).
Next week, I will bring you the next three recipes of the top ten.