Labor Day marks traditional and to Island’s summer

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SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — Although there won’t be much of a change in weather, the arrival of Labor Day weekend signifies the final moments of summer and the start of a new season.

Whether there’s an interest in fishing or browsing for items in specialty shops, those looking for ways to celebrate the holiday are able to choose from a variety of social distant activities on South Padre Island.

The tropical getaway enables residents and visitors to enjoy scenic views while partaking in a social distant activity that’s as mellow as birdwatching to something more action-based, such as surfing.

According to SPI Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Ed Caum, local businesses are working hard to keep visitors safe and need the support of everyone on or visiting the Island to practice responsible “coastal distancing.”

Although Cameron County’s beaches are closed, those wanting to take a dip in the ocean or walk on the sand are still able to at the city’s beaches.

To view which areas of the beach are open and closed, view the Visitors Beach Closure map at

As per a city order, beach operations are to be conducted with some restrictions, such as not having gatherings of more than 10 people and only allowing the use of single-pole umbrellas on the beach.

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“We have taken steps to encourage social distancing and are making sure we follow county, state and CDC guidelines on all city properties,” Caum said. “The county curfews will remain in place.”

As per the county’s curfews, everyone must be in their residence or lodging by 11 p.m. Those that are 17-years-old and younger must be inside by 10 p.m.

Free masks are available at the Island’s Visitor Center located at 321 Padre Blvd.

“We ask that people be respectful and patient when following guidelines and policies and procedures in place to ensure safety and prevention of spreading the virus,” Caum said. “City staff will be following all guidelines and enforcing ordinances as needed.”

Those that weren’t able to visit the Island this season were still able to experience its activities and scenic views through the CVB’s Facebook page.

Throughout the summer, CVB personnel have been creating interactive videos that showcase social distant activities people can do on the Island, such as horseback riding, paddleboarding and bike riding.

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Caum said the goal was to allow people to virtually visit “Texas’ Best Beach.”

“Many people are not ready to travel yet and we wanted to offer them an escape to our island to take the minds off the news cycle, working from home or any other obstacles they may be facing,” Caum said. “Our island has always been a place for people to rest and recover and we wanted that option to be available, be it only virtually.”

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