The Kindness Trail Starts at Home

Lily Chang shares her arc of many colors in her front yard in the Rio Grande Valley for all neighbors to enjoy. Participate in the Kindness Trail campaign by sharing your creative message on Quinta Mazatlán’s Facebook page with the tag #KindnessTrailQM, for a chance to win prizes. Courtesy photo

Around the world, children at home during this time of stress, are sharing creative messages of kindness.

In honor of this social media campaign, Quinta Mazatlán in McAllen has created a Kindness Trail in the Woods and hopes to see it spread throughout the community. Students, co-workers and families are invited to participate by sharing kind messages on rocks, window art, driveway drawings, photographs, music, clothing, prints, poetry and more.

The idea is simple: Create your kind message at home and share it with others through social media. Take a picture of your creative message and post it on Quinta Mazatlán’s Facebook page with the hashtag #KindnessTrailQM so more people can be positively impacted. Plus, you have a chance to win prizes which will be awarded at the end of September thanks to corporate donors including Academy, BestBuy, Starbucks, Target, Whataburger and more.

The Kindness Trail at Quinta Mazatlán is about a quarter mile walk in the shaded forest featuring kind messages through art on the trails, poetry, interpretive signage, science education and beauty. The trail at Quinta Mazatlán begins with The Kindness Rocks Project sponsored by La Joya ISD elementary classes. They have painted rocks for children to TAKE and encourage children of all ages to SHARE one and/or LEAVE one, too. Executive Director Colleen Hook shared, “Children have always been our teachers in life—especially now—they seem to have a natural instinct to solve problems. They are teaching us about resiliency, adaptability and kindness.”

The Kindness Trail campaign goes through the month of September and we invite you to visit the Quinta Mazatlán Facebook page for more information regarding online educational and fun activities from various partners including the McAllen Library, Parks & Recreation, Metro, Public Works, Public Utility and more. These kinds of projects not only mean the world to others who see them, but it’s also great quality time for the family.

Quinta Mazatlán is open Tuesday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 pm, and Thursday evenings. Keep our community safe by following health and well-being practices in the park.

Visit Quinta Mazatlán’s YouTube Channel, Quinta Mazatlán’s Facebook and other social media platforms to learn more about our natural heritage in the Rio Grande Valley.